OptaMed 1.2.3

Donnerstag 3 Januar 2019


  • Add Italian language for the PDF invoice
  • Allow to export all received payments for a year
  • Allow to create an invoice up to 30 days in the past/future
  • Add a parameter to automatically open the generated invoice PDF after saving it


  • Improve patients importation checks to handle the case of missing columns
  • Allow to change the PDF invoice language in the invoice details page
  • Allow to paid a consultation up to 30 days in the past (7 days before)
  • Some minor UI improvements


  • Filter "last 6 months" no works as expected in invoices list
  • Add a missing translation for consultations export
  • Fix an datamatrix bug when the consultations was created in the future
  • Fix ghosts windows/process created on printing
  • Add a workaround to fix printing problems
  • Some minor fix