OptaMed 1.4.2

Samstag 28 Dezember 2019


  • Add Tarif 590 changes for 2020
  • Allow to define or import an existing reference to a patient
  • [PRO] Allow to add files to patients and consultations
  • [PRO] Add new field "Sent by" in patients database
  • [PRO] Allow to directly copy a list of selected patient's email adresses into the clipboard


  • Update the Switzerland locations list
  • Add the patient/consultation reference in the title of it's edit page
  • Allow to search patients by reference in patients list
  • Rename insurance "AXA Winterthur" to "AXA"


  • Fix some memory leak with patients, consultations and invoices list page
  • Fix a bug where anamnesis was not deleted when it's linked consultation were deleted
  • Fix and improve some minor translations
  • [PRO] Fix a bug where patient's age was not correct in future births section of the birthday page