Why this module?

Thanks to OptaMed's online appointment scheduling module, you centralise and optimise the management of your appointments.

Your patients can book an appointment via your website or your profile page (provided for free by OptaMed with your licence). An SMS reminder is sent to the patient a few days before the appointment. This way you will receive fewer phone calls and reduce the number of missed appointments!

Your schedule is always at hand and available on all your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) with an internet connection. It is also possible to create a new consultation using the data of an appointment and to manage your schedule directly from the OptaMed application.


When an appointment is created, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the patient and the therapist. This confirmation contains all useful information about the appointment. It also contains a link that allows the patient to modify or cancel the appointment, provided that he/she does so more than 24 hours in advance (this value is customizable). For any modification or cancellation of an appointment, a notification email is automatically sent to the therapist and to the patient.

An SMS reminder is automatically sent 24, 48 or 72 hours before the appointment. It is possible to customize the content of your reminder message to add additional information. It is also possible to deactivate the sending of SMS for certain patients or individually for each appointment. The Swisscom infrastructure is used to send the SMS, which guarantees excellent message delivery.


This module is optional and its price is 240 CHF / year, or 20 CHF / month (excluding VAT). Each month, you receive 1000 SMS credits, which corresponds to the sending of 100 SMS in Switzerland: an SMS costs 10 credits when sent to a Swiss number and 15 credits for an international number.

In case the number of SMS credits included each month is not enough, we offer other deals with more SMS credits. It is also possible to buy a pack of SMS credits (without expiration date) that can be automatically used when your monthly credit is exhausted.

You have the possibility to test this module for one month free of charge and without any obligations. The sending of SMS reminders is however deactivated during this test period.


View by month in the OptaMed application.
View by day in the OptaMed application.
Details of an appointment from the OptaMed application.

Management space

Home page of the online appointment calendar.
Therapist management page of the online appointment module.
Management page of the online appointment module's schedule.
Performance management page of the online appointment module.