Why this module?

Thanks to OptaMed's online appointment scheduling module, you centralise and optimise the management of your appointments.

Your patients can make appointments on your website very simply. You will receive fewer telephones and reduce the number of missed appointments!

Your schedule is always at hand and available on your computer, smartphone, tablet or directly on the internet. You simply create a new consultation using the appointment data directly in your OptaMed application.


An appointment confirmation email is automatically sent to patients (and optionally to the therapist) each time an appointment is created/modified.

A reminder SMS is automatically sent to your patients the day before their appointment. We use Swisscom's infrastructure for sending SMS messages, so excellent message delivery is guaranteed.


This module is optional and its price is 240 CHF / year (i.e. 20 CHF per month). 1000 credits for sending SMS are included each month. SMS messages cost 10 credits when sent to Swiss numbers and 15 credits when sent to international numbers.

You have the possibility to test this module for one month free of charge and without any obligations. The sending of SMS reminders is however deactivated during this test period.

Home page of the online appointment calendar.
Therapist management page of the online appointment module.
Management page of the online appointment module's schedule.
Performance management page of the online appointment module.