WEBSITE module

Ensure your online presence!

Nowadays, a vast majority of people get their information from the internet. Whether it's to read the news, look for gardening tips or even to get information about their health! It is therefore becoming more and more important for therapists to ensure a certain visibility online at the risk of missing out on an increasingly large patient base

It is of course possible to create a page on social networks, but this is often not enough and nothing replaces a website dedicated to your activity

But often, the mere mention of creating a website is scary: there are so many different possibilities, technologies and prices that even the most daring among us are quickly lost.

Based on this observation, OptaMed has developed a turnkey solution to allow therapists to generate a web page describing their activity.

How it works

Specifically, OptaMed allows you to automatically generate a web page for your practice based on the information you provide.

Our system is very simple and designed for therapists. All you have to do is indicate some information such as your contact details, the address of your practice, your hours or the services you offer to set up your page.


This module is optional and offered with our BASE and PRO licences.

Home page of your online profile.
Home page of your online profile and details