OptaMed 1.10.1

lunedì 16 gennaio 2023


  • [PRO] New chart to compare the number of consultations of the last 3 years in the statistics
  • [PRO] New chart with montly billed VAT amounts in the statistics
  • [Office] Allow to configure and manage multiple office addresses


  • More special options for email configuration
  • Minor UI improvements
    • Add tooltip titles in some charts in the statistics
    • Better show selected option in some select fields
    • [PRO] Improve the email preview modal
  • [PRO] Add an option (enabled by default) to only search in recent invoices for BVR validation


  • Lots of memory consumption optimization and performance improvements
  • Fix some edge case problems with email configuration
  • Fix some translations typos
  • [PRO] Fix a bug which does not display payments validated with CAMT files into the payments chart of the statistics
  • [Calendar] Fix a bug with working plan display when no extra working plan was defined