OptaMed 1.4.0

giovedì 11 luglio 2019

Breaking changes

  • Drop support for Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)


  • Add support for italien language
  • Add a button to select all the consultations to group into an invoice
  • Allow to keep patients and/or consultations data when reseting the applications data
  • New option to choose which delimiter to use for prices format in Excel exports
  • Allow to display statistics for all years of activity (not only this and past year)
  • [PRO] Option to configure any emails provider to send invoices by email
  • [PRO] New filter to search by active/inactive patients during a period in patients list
  • [PRO] Allow to define a customized anamnesis model
  • [PRO] Option to create a grouped invoice directly from an invoice details page
  • [PRO] Allow to display statistics by month or by year
  • [PRO] Allow to customize the columns of patients, consultations and invoices list
  • [PRO] Allow to define a default insurer comment for all consultations
  • [PRO] Allow to search and paid invoices by ISR number in invoice list
  • [PRO] Add an option to display birthdays notifications reminders
  • [PRO] Allow to view, customize and create templates for the message of the invoice email sent to the patient


  • The accident date is no more compulsory in consultation forms
  • Rename "consultation favorite" by "consultation model"
  • Display a notification when the application has been open for more than 14 days
  • Move all the backups options to a new backups tab in the settings
  • Add a new "models" tab in the settings
  • Improve buttons labels of the "confirm page quit" modal
  • Allow to select and copie the text of anamnesis and comments fields in patient details page
  • Some minor UI improvements
  • [PRO] Add an option to receive a copy of the invoice email sent to the patient
  • [BACKUPS] Allow to disable automatic cloud backups


  • Fix a printing bug on macOS: when trying to print multiple pages, only the first one is printed and the others are blank
  • Fix an error with the link to renew a licence on the server which redirect to an unknown page
  • Fix a bug when a customized file path is invalid after a backup restoration from an other computer
  • Fix Excel exports bugs with decimal separator for prices and accents
  • Improve the way the "no cloud backups since 10 days" notification is displayed to prevent some false positive
  • Fix a bug which could send the invoice email with the wrong content language
  • Some UI fix and improvements
  • Some translations fix and improvements