OptaMed 1.5.0

mercoledì 26 agosto 2020


  • Allow to save multiples invoices to PDF at once from invoices list
  • Display the user profile image on login and registration page if it is defined
  • Add a new page which allow to search for patients as an alternative to the patients list
  • [PRO] Allow to change the color of the application UI
  • [CALENDAR] Add a new "Calendar" menu and allow to manage appointments into the application


  • Invoices use 3 decimals to display the prestation unity price to prevent rounding errors (only for invoices generated from the 1st january 2021)
  • Add field "office address" to data exported to Excel from the accounting statistics
  • Improve some translations


  • Fix a Windows bug with the "groupe invoices" feature when used from the consultations list
  • Fix some external links which resolve to a 404 not found page or to the wrong page
  • Fix a bug with the error message displayed when printing fail