OptaMed 1.7.0

lundi 5 juillet 2021

Breaking changes

  • Drop support for Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)


  • Allow to add partial payments to consultations
  • Add filters "this year" and "last year" to consultations and invoices lists
  • Allow to show the typed password in login and registration pages
  • Add advanced search for patients in patients search page
  • Allow to delete patients
  • Patient's representative can be a legal entity
  • A custom recipient address can be defined for invoices
  • Add a shortcut button in patient details page which allow to simply create a new email for the patient
  • Allow to define an agent for consultations and display it in invoices
  • Allow to import more fields on patient importation ("language" and "added date")
  • VAT can be defined for each service individually
  • Allow to manually check if an update is available
  • [PRO] Allow to define more than one anamnesis model
  • [PRO] Allow to change patient's creation date
  • [PRO] Allow to add categories to patients and to search patients by this way
  • [Calendar] Allow to create a new appointment from the application
  • [Calendar] Allow to choose the default calendar view for the calendar page


  • Add a new "Mobile payment" method for payments
  • Add autofocus to search fields of patients, consultations and invoices pages
  • Default show advanced fields in consultation edit page if some of these fields are not using its default value
  • Lot of VAT improvements and changes
  • Update locations list
  • Update countries list
  • App language can be more transparently updated without reloading the application
  • Change the mac icon to reflect macOS Big Sur new design
  • Lot of fields added on patients, consultations and invoices export
  • Add payments information for all invoices in invoices export file even if the payment data are on the consultations level
  • Add VAT amounts to consultations and invoices export
  • Some minors UI improvements
  • [PRO] Allow to create a cover page for invoices
  • [PRO] Allow to generate QR-Invoice and to add it to invoices


  • Add missing invoices date when exporting payments from the statistics view
  • Fix consultation order (by date) in page which display all consultations for a dedicated patient
  • Fix total price of consultations with more than 4 treatments on consultations export
  • Fix ISR reference coded price value for invoices which are partially or totally paid before generation
  • Fix licence data not always correctly updated in some edge case after a success login with internet connection
  • Fix calendar loading mask when navbar is minimized
  • Fix patient birthdate displayed in PDF invoices when the invoice is generated on a different timezone
  • Fix some dates problems when the computer timezone is not CET (Central Europe)
  • Only display calendar tab in settings if the module is active
  • Fix and improve some translations