OptaMed 1.4.0

Thursday 11 July 2019


  • Add support for italien language
  • Add a button to select all the consultations to group into an invoice
  • Allow to keep patients and/or consultations data when reseting the applications data
  • New option to choose which delimiter to use for prices format in Excel exports
  • Allow to display statistics for all years of activity (not only this and past year)
  • [PRO] Option to configure any emails provider to send invoices by email
  • [PRO] New filter to search by active/inactive patients during a period in patients list
  • [PRO] Allow to define a customized anamnesis model
  • [PRO] Option to create a grouped invoice directly from an invoice details page
  • [PRO] Allow to display statistics by month or by year
  • [PRO] Allow to customize the columns of patients, consultations and invoices list
  • [PRO] Allow to define a default insurer comment for all consultations
  • [PRO] Allow to search and paid invoices by ISR number in invoice list
  • [PRO] Add an option to display birthdays notifications reminders
  • [PRO] Allow to view, customize and create templates for the message of the invoice email sent to the patient


  • The accident date is no more compulsory in consultation forms
  • Rename "consultation favorite" by "consultation model"
  • Display a notification when the application has been open for more than 14 days
  • Move all the backups options to a new backups tab in the settings
  • Add a new "models" tab in the settings
  • Improve buttons labels of the "confirm page quit" modal
  • Allow to select and copie the text of anamnesis and comments fields in patient details page
  • Some minor UI improvements
  • [PRO] Add an option to receive a copy of the invoice email sent to the patient
  • [BACKUPS] Allow to disable automatic cloud backups


  • Fix a printing bug on macOS: when trying to print multiple pages, only the first one is printed and the others are blank
  • Fix an error with the link to renew a license on the server which redirect to an unknown page
  • Fix a bug when a customized file path is invalid after a backup restoration from an other computer
  • Fix Excel exports bugs with decimal separator for prices and accents
  • Improve the way the "no cloud backups since 10 days" notification is displayed to prevent some false positive
  • Fix a bug which could send the invoice email with the wrong content language
  • Some UI fix and improvements
  • Some translations fix and improvements

Module de sauvegardes

Thursday 06 June 2019

Sauvegarder correctement ses données numériques est essentiel pour tout professionnel qui se respecte. Il est en effet indispensable de pouvoir récupérer l'intégralité des données perdues suite à une panne, une perte ou un vol de son l'ordinateur.

Malgré leur importance, les sauvegardes sont bien souvent délaissées à cause de la complexité de leur mise en place. Et encore, effectuer des sauvegardes n'est pas suffisant, il faut aussi que celles-ci soient à jour, chiffrées et archivées dans un endroit sécurisé.

Dans le but d'apporter une réponse à cette problématique, OptaMed a développé son propre module de SAUVEGARDES. Une fois activé, son fonctionnement est très simple et ne nécessite plus aucune intervention de l'utilisateur : une sauvegarde est quotidiennement envoyée sur nos serveurs de manière sécurisée ! En cas de problèmes, la restauration des données s'effectue en quelques clics seulement.

Le module de SAUVEGARDES est optionnel et est un excellent complément à nos licences BASE et PRO.
Pour plus d'informations :

OptaMed 1.3.1

Friday 01 March 2019


  • Allow to do automatic and manual clouds encrypted backups (paid module)


  • Add the ability to generate a debug file from the login page
  • Improve the data displayed on the dashboard page (only display the consultations count for the current year)
  • Add a reset button to patients and consultations forms
  • Add fields email and address to patients contacts forms and allow to display them from the patient details page
  • Improve the message which prevent to quit an unsaved form
    • Only display it when some data has changed
    • Add an option to directly "save and go to the attempted page"


  • Fix invoices list sort by date with invoices done in the past
  • Some UI improvements and fix
  • Fix some translations typos

OptaMed 1.3.0

Thursday 03 January 2019


  • Add Tarif 590 changes for 2019


  • Do not save all consultation data into the favorite created from the consultation form
  • Fix a minor redirection bug in setting page when a favorite does not exists

OptaMed 1.2.3

Saturday 22 December 2018


  • Add Italian language for the PDF invoice
  • Allow to export all received payments for a year
  • Allow to create an invoice up to 30 days in the past/future
  • Add a parameter to automatically open the generated invoice PDF after saving it


  • Improve patients importation checks to handle the case of missing columns
  • Allow to change the PDF invoice language in the invoice details page
  • Allow to paid a consultation up to 30 days in the past (7 days before)
  • Some minor UI improvements


  • Filter "last 6 months" no works as expected in invoices list
  • Add a missing translation for consultations export
  • Fix an datamatrix bug when the consultations was created in the future
  • Fix ghosts windows/process created on printing
  • Add a workaround to fix printing problems
  • Some minor fix