OptaMed 1.9.0

jeudi 7 avril 2022


  • New "top 10 prestations" chart in the statistics page
  • Allow to validate payments from the invoices list
  • Add a setting which allows to hide the AVS warnings
  • [PRO] Allow to automatically validate payments based on CAMT.054 bank statements
  • [PRO] Add a custom email config for Gandi
  • [Calendar] Allow to delete appointments from the app
  • [Calendar] Allow to sync unavailability periods and working plan


  • Add a paid confirmation to the email send with the invoices when the invoice is already paid
  • Improve CaDa number validation and format
  • Increases the maximum prestations duration to 300 minutes
  • Update and change data sources of Swiss locations
  • Quit the macOS app when it's windows is closed
  • Improve the email configuration process with better explanations and error messages
  • Allow to show/hide the email password in the settings


  • Patient name is now correctly displayed in AVS modal
  • Fix the check for update button in the settings which always tell that the app is up-to-date
  • Fix a typo in "GaPrCh" on invoices generating until the end of 2021
  • Fix an email configuration problem when consecutively saving multiple configurations
  • Fix some translations
  • [PRO] Reset the payment date value when closing the ISR validation modal