OptaMed 1.12.0

Tuesday 19 December 2023


  • Add Tarif 590 changes for 2024
  • Update VAT rates for 2024
  • Allows to manage patient consent (data privacy)
  • Add context menu (right click to copy, paste and spell check)
  • Allow to display conflictual fields when grouping consultations into a single invoice
  • [PRO] Anamnesis model can be appended to or replace existing text
  • [PRO] Allows to add personal notes to invoices
  • [Calendar] Allows to manage unavailability periods directly from the application


  • Use actual patient email when sending an invoice
  • Display better error message when sending email fail
  • Allow to create the log file from the homepage
  • A notification is now displayed when the application is running on a soon unsupported OS
  • Disable the 'update on app quit' option on Windows to prevent edge cases problems with auto-update
  • Add privacy policy link to the information page


  • Fix some edge case with translations which are not updated when the application language is changed
  • Ensure that at least a year will be displayed in the filters of the statistics pages
  • Fix the #mandataire label that was not translated in legacy invoices
  • Improve some translations
  • [Calendar] working plan not correctly loaded on calendar initialization