OptaMed 1.13.0

Tuesday 11 June 2024


  • Allows to add partial payments to invoices
  • Allows to add unpaid and discount to invoices
  • Allows to bulk reset consents of all patients
  • [PRO] Also allows to copy patient's phone and email in the representative modal
  • [PRO] Allows to change the author and debtor address position on the QR invoice


  • Improve cada number label in patient's form
  • Consultations and invoices with a price of 0 CHF are now automatically marked as paid
  • [PRO] Consultations status and turnover charts now take recall fees into account
  • [PRO] Automatically note the invoice as paid when a new recall with fees equal to the due amount of the invoice is added
  • [Calendar] Improve the messages displayed in case of connection errors


  • Improve some translations
  • [PRO] Fix the partially working option which allows to only show recent invoices in BVR modal