BACKUPS module

Why this module?

With the OptaMed software, all your data is stored on your computer's hard drive. In this way, you have total control over your patient data and it remains safe.

However, as with all files stored on your computer, you are not protected in the event of a problem, theft or loss of your computer. It is therefore essential to regularly back up your data to a second secure storage medium.

Backing up your data correctly is complicated and time-consuming. This essential element is therefore often neglected.

It is with the aim of simplifying the management of the data backups of the OptaMed software that we have created this module!


In order to simplify your life, OptaMed proposes to delegate this tedious process of backups to him! In concrete terms, you no longer have to worry about anything and everything is managed automatically for you.

By letting OptaMed manage the backup of your data on our servers, you simplify your life while benefiting from several advantages:

  • You no longer have to worry about backing up your data, it is done automatically and securely.
  • In the event of theft, loss or damage to your computer, your backups are securely stored on our servers and you can restore them very easily.
  • When you change your computer, you only need one click to retrieve your last backup and recover all your data.

How does it works ?

When the backup module is activated, the OptaMed application regularly and automatically (provided an internet connection is active) sends backups of your OptaMed data to our servers.

In the event that you work without an internet connection, OptaMed will regularly remind you to make a backup.


The security and confidentiality of your data is very important to us. All backups are encrypted on your computer before being sent to our servers in a secure manner. Our servers are hosted in Switzerland and meet Swiss standards for the storage of medical data.

Your data are secured with your OptaMed password, so only you can decrypt them.


Backup module is optional. It is a complement to your OptaMed licence and costs 120 CHF per year, or 10 CHF per month (excluding VAT).

The following limitations are safeguards and should not be reached through normal use:

  • A maximum of 100 backups per user will be stored.
  • A maximum storage capacity of 1 GB is allocated for the totality of a user's backups.
  • Backups older than one year will be automatically deleted.

Once the licence expires and without renewal within two months, the backups will be deleted from our servers.