PRO version


The BASE version of OptaMed allows to realize all the essential actions for the management of a practice and for the invoicing at Tarif 590.

The PRO version offers more customization options, settings and advanced features, allowing therapists to go further in managing their business.

Key features

In this section, you will discover a selection of key features of the PRO version in more detail.

Cover page

Add a personal touch to your invoices!

The PRO version allows you to generate a cover page with your firm's logo.


Generate your invoices with the new QR-Invoice payment slips.

This new standard of the Swiss payment system will gradually replace the old payment slips. The main advantages are a unified and more efficient payment processing. Those who wish to do so can still make their payments at the counter.

Switch to QR-Bill and provide the best payment experience available to your patients! You'll benefit from an optimized payment process for your billing.

Customizable email content

When sending your invoices via email, you have the ability to view and edit the content of the email before sending it. An email template can also be defined and used.

Other options to choose which pages of the invoice will be attached to the email are also available.

Page for writing an email from the OptaMed application

More detailed statistics

Learn more about your practice's activity with the more accurate filters in the PRO version.

The various charts available in the statistics page can display data with daily resolution.

Statistics page displaying a chart in the OptaMed application

Filters and list customization

Customize the columns in your patient, consultation and invoice lists so you can access the information you need at a glance.

More filters are available to help you display data that is consistent with your search. You can also choose to display only the filters you use.

Settings page for configuring filters in the OptaMed application

Differences with the BASE version

The main features reserved for the PRO version are listed below:

  • Adding advanced filters to the patient search (search for active or inactive patients for a given period, ...)
  • Reminders for birthdays and ability to view past and upcoming birthdays
  • Allows simple retrieval of email addresses of selected patients (useful for sending newsletters, ...)
  • Ability to link files to a patient's record
  • Added 'Sent by' field to patient data
  • Ability to create groups (categories) of patients and search for them in this way
  • Ability to print patient addresses on self-adhesive labels
  • Allows the creation date of patients to be changed
  • Ability to link files to a consultation
  • Ability to customize the hourly rate for each tariff position
  • Added a shortcut to group multiple consultations on a single invoice to the consultation details page
  • Added filters 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'This week' and 'Last 7 days' to the consultation list
  • Ability to add personal notes to invoices
  • Ability to add a cover page with your logo and a QR payment slip (QR-Bill) to invoices
  • Allows to customize the content of the email sent to the patient with their invoice
  • Ability to add reminder fees to invoices and change the payment period
  • Automatic validation of payments with structured reference through CAMT.054 bank statements (credit notification)
  • Added an option to search for invoices by ISR number and directly mark them as paid
  • Displays a full history of invoices and reminders sent by email in the invoice details page
  • Added filters 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'This week' and 'Last 7 days' in the invoice list
  • More detailed statistics and the possibility of presenting graphs by day
  • Allows to change the color of the user interface
  • Allows to define a comment displayed by default on all invoices
  • Allows to show/hide certain filters in the consultation and invoice lists
  • Allows to customize the columns of the patient, consultation and invoice lists
  • Allows to define anamnesis templates
  • Allows you to configure any email address to send invoices directly from the software
  • Allows to create templates for the reminder/billing email sent to the patient
  • Allows to receive a copy of the invoice sent to the patient by email
  • Allows to add the patient copy and/or QR-Bill to the invoice sent to the patient by email

This list is not exhaustive and new features are regularly added to the PRO version at no extra cost.


The price of the PRO version is 290 CHF / year (excluding VAT), which is an annual supplement of 100 CHF compared to the BASE version. With an investment of about 25 CHF per month, you benefit from all the features and customization options available.