Secure billing module

Why this module?

Email is a simple means of communication, often used to send invoices electronically. However, in certain fields, such as healthcare, sending sensitive information by email does not comply with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

Indeed, emails are not considered a secure means of communication, as they are not encrypted and transit through numerous intermediaries who potentially have access to them.

As healthcare professionals, you are responsible for protecting your patients' data. By not properly securing your invoices, you run the risk of compromising your patients' confidentiality and exposing yourself to sanctions.

It is in response to this problem that we have developed a secure invoice sending solution, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Swiss Data Protection Act.

This module enables you to continue communicating with your patients using your own email address, while ensuring the confidentiality of the information transmitted and complying with current regulations.

It is still possible to send invoices by unsecured (normal) email, but this requires special legal provisions to be put in place.


Sending a secure invoice from the OptaMed application is very simple and can be activated with a single click.

The invoice is encrypted on the therapist's computer before being sent to our servers (as the invoice is encrypted, no one but the patient can access it). A normal email containing a secure link to the invoice is then sent to the patient, directly from OptaMed and using the therapist's email address.

To retrieve the invoice, the patient clicks on the secure link received by email, then has to prove his or her identity by validating a code received by SMS. Once validated, the invoice is decrypted in the patient's browser and can be downloaded.


Our solution offers many advantages:

  • Invoices sent in compliance with the new Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP)
  • The invoice is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access: only the patient is able to retrieve it
  • One-click activation of encryption, directly in the OptaMed application
  • Any email address can be used without reducing the security or confidentiality of the system
  • No need to ask for patient consent for unsecured communication
  • The invoice is transmitted professionally and gives patients confidence in the confidentiality of their data
  • Patients can decrypt and retrieve their bills easily and transparently


The unit rate is CHF 0.50 per invoice sent.

In the near future, we will be offering subscriptions for a defined number of invoices per month at attractive rates.

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