Tarif 590 for complementary medicine

What is Tarif 590

Tarif 590 is compulsory since 1 January 2018 for all practitioners of complementary medicine practising in Switzerland: osteopaths, naturopaths, therapists, etc.

Sometimes abbreviated to T590, Tarif 590 contains the list of complementary medicine services recognized by Swiss insurance companies. Its purpose is to standardize the designation of therapies, acts and techniques practiced by therapists. It contains more than 100 Tarif headings and is valid throughout Switzerland

Tarif 590 was introduced by the Group of Insurers of Complementary Medicine, which includes the following insurances: Concordia, CSS, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, ÖKK, Sanitas, Swica, Sympany and Visana.

How Tarif 590 works

In order to be able to bill with Tarif 590, you must have a CCR number. This is provided by one of the following Registries:

  • Fondation suisse pour les médecines complémentaires (ASCA)
  • Registre de Médecine Empirique (RME)
  • Association des Praticiens en Thérapies Naturelles (APTN)
  • Association suisse en Naturopathie (NVS)

The 590 invoice is organized according to the following structure:

  • A header containing all the information about the therapist, the treatment and the patient.
  • The body of the invoice contains a list of services performed and billed by 5-minute periods.
  • A footer with payment information and a QR code used to authenticate and validate the invoice.

Solutions to apply Tarif 590 in my practice

As we saw in the previous section, a QR code is present on the invoice and allows the insurance companies to validate its authenticity. This is the reason why the use of a software supporting Tarif 590 becomes almost mandatory

The PDF form

There is, however, an alternative which consists in manually filling in the official billing form provided for Tarif 590. Manual entry quickly becomes a tedious and time-consuming process

As of 2021, the PDF form will become obsolete and the use of an approved software such as OptaMed will become indispensable

Use of a software

The use of software to generate 590 invoices that will be accepted by the insurances thus becomes indispensable.

In view of the situation, it is possible to feel a little forced... The use of software has a cost and a new way of working has to be relearned

At OptaMed, we believe that despite this, a software can bring many advantages and even finally simplify the administrative management of a practice and save you time!

At OptaMed, we believe that a software can bring many advantages and even finally simplify the administrative management of a practice and save you time!

  • You save time, because invoices are automatically generated in a few clicks and can even be sent directly to the patient by email
  • You can create and manage your own list of patients with their contact details, etc.
  • Follow-up consultations and anamnesis.
  • History and archiving of generated invoices.
  • If you need it, you can easily take advantage of additional options integrated into your software such as online appointment scheduling, etc.